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I've been using Doom maps as dungeons for D&D

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Posted (edited)

Recently I was asked to do a small campaign by my group since our DM was taking a hiatus.


I am not the best at creating dungeons from scratch, so i decided i'd take some of the maps I've made and some of the maps in Doom. I found this to be really helpful when having a dungeon ready whenever I needed one.


From the three sessions we had, I used two maps and mixed them into one dungeon.


E1M3: Toxin Refinery - I used the main room as the dungeon entrance, with the secret door leading too the treasure room. To the left room, It led them to the soul sphere room, which I replaced with an engraved skull that glowed blue. Also included the room that you have to run in order to get the secret, which I made more obvious for my players so they know where to go. To the right blue door, I used the skull as a key, to the boss room. Defeating the boss would lower the bridge to the treasure room.


MAP07: Dead Simple - I used this map as the boss room, where the players would have to fight a skeleton Minotaur.


Our DM returned, and my small campaign ended, so I didn't use anything else. I did however have plans to use E2M7: Spawning Vats as a larger scale dungeon. The very open design reminds me of similar Dungeons & Dragons maps that DM's would create.


Has anyone else done something like this? I would love to know what maps you used.



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It has kind of gone full circle, since D&D was an inspiration for Doom in the first place, and is why there are so many random numbers in Doom.

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That's a pretty cool idea and I'm tempted to try that out if I ever get a chance to DM! Could also use an editor to make a dungeon layout and screenshot it.


1 hour ago, LadyVader1138 said:

I am literally planning a Doom campaign based on Doom II using a 5e conversion of D20 modern.

That sounds rad as hell! If you don't mind me asking, would you be using the vanilla classes or are you homebrewing stuff to fit the setting, like Marines, Scientists, etc?

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Posted (edited)
11 minutes ago, Komenja said:

That sounds rad as hell! If you don't mind me asking, would you be using the vanilla classes or are you homebrewing stuff to fit the setting, like Marines, Scientists, etc?

I'm using the classes in the conversion. I've attached the files I'm using.


Also, in my little summary of Doom's history, I wouldn't mind if anyone called out my many, many references to Doom and popular culture.


Also, sources:

5e Modern

Original Versions of Doom Monsters (I did modify them for my own purposes, as seen in the attached files, as well as having to make the Spider Mastermind myself)


My files:

Doom Campaign.zip

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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, Komenja said:

Oh cool, thanks!

You are most welcome.


Just for fun, here's all the non-personal references (i.e., no mentions of how certain dates are birthdates of friends and family) in my timeline for my campaign:

1 February 1991: The Union Aerospace Corporation is formed. (id Software’s founding)

5 April 2063: UAC unveils the new hyper-ion drive, which leads to the first commercial interplanetary flights. (Star Trek: First Contact)

31 October 2078: Europa Colony founded. (100 years after the events of Halloween)

19 May 2099-19 May 2105: The First Stellar War is waged. Most battles on Earth and Mars. (100 anniversaries of The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith)

25 July 2155-12 August 2161: The Martian War is waged. The Independent Colonies of Mars are defeated and control is returned to their respective countries. (The Earth-Romulan War, Star Trek)

9 December 2162: Dr. Seth Carmack publishes his theories on spacial displacement teleportation. Receives Nobel Prize in physics the next year. (Combination of John Carmack and the character Seth Brundle from The Fly)

25 May 2177: The Second Stellar War begins. (200th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope)

21 May 2180: Taking advantage of the Second Stellar War, the former ICoM rebels and reforms. (200th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back)

25 May 2183: The Treaty of Armstrong is signed, ending the Second Stellar War. The ICoM is again disbanded. Military forces are left in the former ICoM Colonies to prevent another rebellion. (200th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi)

4 February 2193: UAC Teleportation experiments begin. (Doom 0.2 alpha)

2 April 2193: First living specimens teleported. They return dead. (Doom 0.4 alpha)

22 May 2193: First successful teleportation of living specimens. (Doom 0.5 alpha)

4 October 2193: First human tests. Subjects return ranting and raving, apparently driven mad. (Doom press release beta)

10 December 2193: Phobos and Deimos Accident (Doom’s shareware episode, “Knee-Deep in the Dead” is released 200 years ago)

16 December 2193: Invasion of Earth, start of the Infernal War (200th anniversary of Doom’s registered version)

25 December 2193: The Doom Marine returns to Earth. (Doomguy showing up on Christmas was just too perfect to pass up)

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