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Abyssal Speedmapping Session 45 - I'd hit it!

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Link to previous session thread


Good day to all you y'all!  And welcome to the wonderful world of ASS.


Obsidian is still, I dunno, trying to be productive or something so I just wanted to take advantage of the upcoming holiday weekend to get some classic speedmapping in.  (I'll leave it to you, dear reader, to guess which holiday)


Anyway, this session will be hosted Saturday, April 20th at 6 pm eastern 5 central.  word is speculated that Jimmy may be around to host an Aussie centric session on the opposite side of the day, but I'll leave it to him to confirm.


For those just joining us after five years, welcome!  We are a casual Speedmap event where you have two...ish hours to make a functional single player map meeting a certain specification, provided at the beginning of the session in the allotted time.

We have a discord, linked below, where you can join the revelry regardless of if stuff is happening!


See you theeeeeere


Countdown to Armageddon

The ASScord


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12 minutes ago, Terminus said:

Were ASS 44 and 43 ever compiled?

I was wondering what happened.

Asking the same thing here.


However, i could be there, i don't think to have anything at the 20...

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I haven't been around since session 40.  I'll ask around but I was under impression they existed in a playable sense

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Damn, I may or may not be going to a Renaissance Festival on the 20th. I'll confirm with the people I'm going with and get back to you.


EDIT: False alarm. Turns out the majority of the group can't make it on the 20th, so I'll be available for ASS.

Edited by MDevlin

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Hey kids!  The fun starts in 25 hours.  One of these lucky themes will be used in tomorrow's session!


1.  Invulnerability sphere use
2.  Raising and lowering floorspace
3.  Use of all six keys
4. At least four green armors in the map
5. ALL FLOORS damaging
6. Projectiles only, no hitscan weapons or enemies
7. No linedef USE action.  Walk over or gunshot only
8. 420 linedef limit eyes
9. 69 sector limit eyes eyes
10.  Intentional archvile rezzing.  Happy Easter!


I'll decide a designated texturepack as well.  Stay tuuuuuuned!

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6 looks fun

I can't see how to do 10th option without Dehacked (I mean, reviving an archvile) or teleporting multiple arch-viles in one spot.

Edited by Walter confetti

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Also everloving genius that I am BLACKGREEN is all PNG.  please for hte love of god and roomero use this link for blackgreen textures

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Title: Hayaku!

Theme: Every floor damaging 

Build Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes, maybe less

Texture used: Dark Base Texture Pack

Music: Something from Iron Maiden, i don't remember the title right now. Taken from heavy.wad btw

Description: All tested with iddqd! In this map you have to run, RUUUUN! I, for  example, am going to sleep because is 2 AM damn.

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Title: [Will think of one later]

Theme: Every Floor Damaging

Build Time: 90 Minutes

Music: it's from Crumpets Map08 





Edited by rdwpa

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Wow a wad this month?

Name: Blasphemous Booger Bastards

Textures: Green and Black

Theme: Damaging Floors of the All kind

Build Time: 2 hours and a lil extra to fix a bug & test

Music: Ramones- I wanna be Sedated (...in WONDERFUL midi form!)


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I wasn't ready to map at midnight and expected another round 12 hours later... at least my ASS44 submission has plenty of damaging floors.

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I haven't done these in a while (general mappers block combined with working on Saturdays while the session is going on), but I'll be doing a playtesting stream once the WAD is compiled.

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