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What are your favourite WADs?

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Other wads I really enjoy, though:
Vanguard by Skillsaw

Stardate 20X7 by Ribbiks

Ancient Aliens by Skillsaw (with guest mappers AD-79, esselfortium, Joshy, lupinx-kassman, Pinchy, stewboy, and Tarnsman)

Sunlust by Ribbiks and dannebubinga wins my favorite 32 map megawad.

D2HS-Lutz by Chris Lutz, but only for aesthetic and structure

Epic 2 by Eternal

Lost Civilization [WIP] by Jaska

Deathless by Jimmy is one of the few Doom 1 wads I like

Maskim Xul by Obsidian

Order of the Odonata by Dragonfly

Eviternity by Dragonfly (with guest mappers skillsaw, ukiro, Xaser, AtronX, Jimmy, Eris Falling, an_mutt, Afterglow, antares031, and StormCatcher.77), not one of my personal favorites, but a recommended wad

Struggle: Antaresian Legacy by antares031

ZDCMP2 by a fair amount of the ZDoom community (including Jimmy, Xaser, Tormentor667, and Vader) is impressive

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Alot of oldschool WAD's (probably not much slaughter here besides 1 or 2 maybe, haha!)

  • Crossing Acheron - by: John W. Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep) - I think i still like the first incarnation the best although it is probably the easiest of the bunch
  • Doomsday of UAC - by: Leo Martin Lim - One of the first WAD's that i played (thanks to DW's top 100 WAD list) and still one of my favorites to this day
  • Fava Beans - by: Sean Birkel - A classic
  • Memento Mori - by: The Memento Mori Crew - A classic from '96. Still kinda hard for me but it's a great megawad nonetheless.
  • Requiem - by: Various
  • Scythe - by: Erik Alm, with guest mapper Kim "Torn" Bach (hard for me too but still fun)
  • Epic - by: Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall) - Was recently playing this and found it to be extremely fun, one of my new favs
  • Ancient Aliens - by: Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne - Was REALLY hard for me on UV but when i turned down the difficulty i found it to be alright. Had quite a bit of trouble later on while playing on HMP but i found it a tad too easy on HNTR so i just "dealt with it" on HMP haha.
  • Eviternity - by: Dragonfly & Various - Was hard for me too but extremely fun to play.

I could probably list more, even more from '94-'95 such as the Serenity/Eternity/Infinity trilogy but... ;)


Also i still really enjoy playing the registered version of Doom. I'm not too fond of episode 4 in "The Ultimate Doom" as it's just a huge ramp up in difficulty compared to the rest of the game. EP 1 is still my fav due to playing it so damn much with the shareware copy haha! If only the first game would of had the SSG though ;)

Edited by CyberDreams

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no end in sight <3

stardate 20x7 <3 <3

alt <3 <3 <3
everyone's maps in zekhmet yet to be formally released <3 <3 <3 <3

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- Eternal Slumber Party 1 and 2

- the trilogy "3 heures d'Agonie"

- Disturbia

- No Chance

- Kama Sutra

- Mayhem 2018 - Orange Edition

- Mars War

- Eviternity

- The Beesong


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Vanguard - skillsaw

Sacrament and A.L.T. - Clan B0S

Going Down - mouldy

Thy Flesh Turned into a Draft Excluder and Return to Hadron E1 - cannonball

Monument - Chris Hansen

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This list contains lots of favorites, including mine.

That thread is still maintained, by the way.

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Some of my favourites are:


- Eviternity (Probably my personal favourite)

- Valiant

- Ancient Aliens

- Extermination Day (Brutal Doom's campaign. Formerly called Hell on Earth Starter Pack)

- No Rest For The Living

- Deathless (Doom 1 megawad)

- Struggle: Antaresian Legacy (only played 15 levels so far but I am liking it)

- BTSX E1 (currently at level 21 so far but I am liking it)

- Scythe (original one, not Scythe 2)

- D2TWID (for some reason I actually like it much more than vanilla Doom 2)

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