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Need some tips for making maps with Doom

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I have been building maps for about 9 months almost when ever I have time every day I am trying to improve myself in Doom editing. I have been watching Youtube channels that review Doom wads to see what makes these wads really good but I feel I am not improving how I would like I mean I am not gonna have the skill that some guy who has been doing this for years would have but anyways things I want tips and improvement on.


-Larger maps with more detail

-Maps are linear rather than the maze like appearance than what old Doom had

I have been looking at my favourite Doom maps for some inspiration such as











If anyone wants to help out you can leave a comment or text me on Discord-Ian#4378

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Looks like you prefer less linear maps in general (aside from ExM1).

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Making doors flush with walls is so 1990's style. :-)

Even small alterations to your maps can have a drastic effect on the visual appeal.

Here is my take on your E3M1 entrance to the map







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This is a rework of one of my in progress maps seeing how Kappes Buur redesigned the first room of my first 9 level wad I am gonna apply what I learned here to my newer maps like this one still far from great but I will get there if you wanna see the map it loads up in Doom 2


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4 hours ago, Kappes Buur said:

Making doors flush with walls is so 1990's style. :-)

Doors are so 1990's style ;)


@Emotrooper02 Maybe this post will help you a bit:

It's probably not exactly what you want, since t he looping design is quite some divergence from how the original maps play out most of the time, but maybe you can take something away from it anyways.

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After what I learned from studying Kappes Buur map design on how he reworked my E3M1 I came up with a new set of designs and tests and something I tried that honestly should be a no brainer make secrets out of reach to try and get the player to explore the map but I tried to implement more lighting rather that the flat brightness level I will be putting a link of the current map when I actually put monsters in it and @boris I will check that article out.






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This is an excellent discussion on Level Progress diagrams and has given me great food for thought as to why I like certain maps in the originals over others.   Maybe it could help.    


You're on the right track with making secrets observable, leaving the player to want to find them.   


I would concentrate on making good smaller sized maps before worrying about doing a larger map; something that plays well for 5 to 10 minutes is so much better than something that takes 20 minutes to play and is a chore.   When you get comfortable or bored making smaller maps then tackle a larger map.  


Play some classics like Espi's "Back to Basics" for inspiration and really examine what's being done in the editor.   For nonlinearity try CastEvil and Hellrun (less non-linear and more branching but still excellent).

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