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How to set up the Plutonia MIDI Pack?

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I tried downloading the Plutonia MIDI Pack and move the extracted file into the source port folder, but that didn't work. Does anyone know how to set it up?

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Posted (edited)

Quick and dirty way would be to drop the file on the sourceport exe together with the wad you want to play with (I assume Plutonia). Otherwise you can also create a shortcut with (assuming, again, that you want to play Plutonia with it) 

-iwad Plutonia.wad -file plutmidi.wad

as parameters.


(Check how your Plutonia iwad is named, I must have renamed mine eons ago for unknown reasons)

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3 hours ago, DukeOfDoom said:

You can use Slade or XWE to import the soundtracks into your wads.

XWE kicked my ass on what to do in that dam program but Slade 3 kicked ass in user friendliness & I really managed to get shit done in that program.


BTW that is a beautiful door for your cover photo, it looks like the real life version of the familiar door we all know & love from Doom2.  But if a player walks up to it to open it; what will they find behind such a well made door?

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Posted (edited)

If you use a port that doesn't support midi files in wads (like Chocolate Doom), things get complicated. You would have to extract the .mid files, convert them to .mus via MID2MUS (which may fail if the files are too large) and create a new wad with the new files.


I dunno if the Plutonia MIDI Pack uses .mus files internally or not, though.

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3 hours ago, NightFright said:

a port that doesn't support midi files in wads (like Chocolate Doom)

Choco supports MIDI in wads, with some limitations, because vanilla does.


It's only Doom95 that doesn't.

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I remember having problems getting one of the midi packs to run with Chocolate Doom. Just can't remember if it was the one for Harmony, Plutonia or another. Maybe some of the midis in there were just too large or something, but the music just wouldn't play.

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