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Skully Boots

Melee attack sounds not working, what am I doing wrong?

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Posted (edited)

I can't get the hit sound for a monster's custom melee attack to work. I've tested it with the individual hit sounds and the miss sound. Those all work, but when I try the $random it doesn't work. I don't understand what I did wrong. I used $random for other sounds too that work just fine, except for this one. I even tried using the "MeleeSound" actor property (MeleeSound "goblin/hit") but that also doesn't work.


This is my code relating to it.


-----Sound file names-----











        GOBA A 5 A_FaceTarget
        GOBA B 5 A_CustomMeleeAttack(10,"goblin/hit","goblin/miss")
        GOBA A 5
        Goto See




$random goblin/hit {goblin/hit1 goblin/hit2 goblin/hit3}
goblin/hit1 GOBHIT1
goblin/hit2 GOBHIT2
goblin/hit3 GOBHIT3


goblin/miss GOBMISS


-----$random that works-----


$random goblin/see {goblin/see1 goblin/see2}
goblin/see1 GOBSEE1
goblin/see2 GOBSEE2


What am I doing wrong? I don't understand. .-.

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Nvm, I figured out what went wrong. Above where I put the code for the hit sounds was a line of code for the active sound "goblin/active GOBACTIV". I apparently forgot to put the "GOBACTIV" bit in that like and it broke the $random below it. I fixed the error and now all my sounds work lmao. 

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