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Legendary clusterf*ck complex doom questions

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Posted (edited)

Hi guys! 


It's incredible how so much people still playing doom so bad! I'm very happy! 

I just downloaded zandronum 3.0, complex doom 26a and lca v., everythings work fine, but I don't understand how to activate the enemy life points indicator, where can I find it?

How to enable the reload of weapons? I can't find it too.


Thank you very much to people that can help me.

Hail to the king baby! oh no wait...


EDIT: I just find that you can see enemies HP with hpbar-v16b.pk3 mod but the reload problem remain! 

Edited by mashi1994

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In-game, press the Escape key (ESC), then go to Options, and select Customize Controls.  Reload Weapon is near the top.

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