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The Forestale - OUT NOW! Buy on Steam!

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The fist commercial platformer on the Doom engine is now out on Steam!


Help the fast like wind rabbit Alex save the world of the forest tale in the world's first platformer on the classic Doom (1993) engine. Challenge the monsters and mechanisms in the the fairy tale world after a fallen star came crashing down. Learn new skills, find tons of secrets and test your nerves!



The game is compatible with vanilla GZDoom 3.0-3.6, but full compatibility is not guaranteed. GZDoom 3.7+ is not compatible due to making models white.



(The trailer preview is a lie, we blew the release date... by a day or two)


And please, PLEASE, even if you don't buy the game, add user-defined tags on the Steam page! Yes, even already existing ones! The more users add these tags, the more the game shows up as suggested near other games! Those tags really make a difference!

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I have to admit, that this looks really well done. Gorgeous art assets and I still can't believe, that this is the Doom engine. Very well done.

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Gratz on the release of Forestale! I'm a huge fan of platformers so I'll definitely be giving this one a try soon, can't believe this is running on GZDoom.

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While creating the game, I tried to put a lot of secret into the levels. These secrets typically contain useful items. BUT! There is one secret that is unlike the rest! So, here it goes, I am declaring a contest! 
The first player to make a screenshot of the right button combination on the shop level will receive 20 Steam keys for the game and my thanks!


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