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Slade remove unused texure function


My map is in UDMF format (Doom2) and made in GZDB for GZdoom. I'm using a few different texture packs and tried to use the "remove unused texture" option in Slade but it didn't work. The map file size is way too big with all the unused textures left in. 

I've searched the forums and couldn't find a solution. Can anyone help?

All textures / flats are in PNG format, BTW. 

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UPDATE: Been trying to find a solution to this recently (I've heard a few mappers have a similar issue) and posted a thread on Slade's GitHub site. Here's a response i got today: 


"I think the feature is not implemented yet for UDMF maps, since they are parsed differently from the binary formats."


So that's unfortunate for UDMF mappers : (

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I'd be interested in this too. I was anticipating for Elementalism paying someone to write a program that did this. It shouldn't be too hard as UDMF is a plaintext format, but if anyone has already done this I'd be very keen to know!

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