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Any plans for Gzdoom PBR support for sprites?

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I know PBR can be made to work for sprites since there are already games made for unreal/Unity that do this such as Amid Evil. Are there any plans among the developers of Gzdoom to extend the current PBR support to sprites rather than being limited to just game textures?

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I'm not a regular developer of GZDoom, but I've recently got into modifying the source. One of the many things on my list of things to try and accomplish with it are allowing PBR/specular materials to work with sprites. I've figured out a way to hack this but only for player weapons. I'll be looking into getting this added sometime in the coming weeks.


If you want to follow my progress with getting this working, along with many other new additions I have planned, check out this thread:



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Posted (edited)

From what I understand, the issue is that currently sprites do not take into account any degree of directional information from lights, and are always treated as a single object for lighting purposes (sprites cannot be lit down the middle for example). Without this extra info, PBR/Materials isnt possible. 


In order to add all that, the game would have to know exactly where in the game world each individual pixel of a sprite is. This is more complex than with a model, not least because of the various rendering options for sprites: X/Y bill boarding, sprites facing cameras, rotating sprites etc. etc. all physically place the individual pixels in different places on the map. Writing a system to fully capture all this information in an efficient manner I believe is just a massive challenge.

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I feel that many of the people considering this are greatly over thinking everything to the point where nobody even bothers trying anything.


Sure using a different billboard method might change the location of pixels in 3d space, but lighting accuracy at 100% is not always what's required to create compelling content.

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