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For The Love Of DOOM

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If you like this wad, be sure to get the April 13th update. It's very minor, but I think the very first release had an issue in E1M1 where you could not go back to the blue door without finding the yellow key. In E1M1 the yellow door area is supposed to be optional by design (still most fun if you do go there, of course).

And I fixed some exit door textures.


There are plenty of monsters to kill, I like flash-flood style fights still without going all out slaughter wad, challenging but not insanely difficult. DOOM 1 never gets difficult so I just kept adding monsters :)   Knee Deep also has these big fights, and Romero does it again in e1m8b and e1m4b. I tried copying that style of fights.

(Another favorite is No Rest For The Living, which throws heaps of monsters at you, but it's DOOM 2)


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I thought the pictures looked decent and watched some of the stream. The secret level was really cool.


This definitely reminded me a bit of some old school maps, which I am want to do. But your map layouts looks really cool. Very impressive in that regard. Thanks for posting.

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Thanks all, especially @Suitepee for streaming and linking the video.


It's been a while but I watched the stream just now, it was pretty exciting watching you play!

It's not a very dark wad, but I do think it looks brighter on stream (?) or maybe my gzdoom is darker.

There was an update that fixes the door in the very first level.


There is a lot of ammo (and health), but

All maps were made with pistol start in mind (even the final map).


Also thanks for showing the secret level, there's a couple more secrets around that will take you briefly to hell.

I hope you (and everyone else, of course!) want to play again some time.


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downloaded it two weeks ago, but played it only today. got to E1M3 so far, and i like it. thank you! i will definitely finish and, and will replay it too (on the first run i am usually just storming through maps; and if i liked the wad, i'm doing the second "slow" run).

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On E1M8, I noticed the chainsaw secret seems to be inaccessible.

The linedef actions on the sector blocking it (sector 133) require the player to shoot it in order for it to be revealed, but there's no linedef/sector tag telling the linedefs (linedefs 62, 779, 788) to open that sector.

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@Revved you are right. I never noticed because gzdoom does open the sector, even without tag.


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