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Two small sprites

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My concern with the shotgun shell box is that it looks similar to the Doom sprite -- flip it around, reverse the colors of the inner and outer boxes, and have a bout of red-green colour blindness, and you've got yourself a decent impersonator. A really, really good looking impersonator, but one none the less.


The old AMMOA0 was replaced for similar similarity, no?


Speaking of AMMOA0, it feels weird on first glance. I'm used to the lettering being centered, and my brain keeps processing the ".9" as just a "9" that got chopped off at the bottom, due to the shading and outline. The former is something I can just get over, it's unimportant; the latter isn't nearly as much of an issue once the sprite has its aspect ratio adjusted to in-game height.


The only thing that I'd suggest is loosing the latch pixels. The player would just not think about it, and real ammo boxes latch on the end, anyway -- outside of the sprite's bounds, I suppose? *shrug*


So, my vote is: a relunctant no on the shotgun shell box sprite so far as inclusion is concerned (but I'd love to see it used elsewhere!), and a soft yes on the ammo box. :)

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