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a bundle of shit


so i have a bundle of shit im asking you.

if you can not anwser all. its fine. (this is so fucking stupid)

i also dont know S H I T about zdoom decorate. (i should finish the vid)

1. how do i make a custom gun?

i watched this vid

but i want a GUN. not a plasma rifle or rocket launcher type weapon. i want a GUN.


2. ansi text for endscreen.

when you exit qzdoom. you get a exit screen. like. "if you did not pay. blah blah blah". how can i make my own ansi text?


3.how do i make something like duke nukem 3d. where duke cracks his knuckles and starts fighting. 

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Follow the tutorial, but when it shows you how to fire a projectile, use A_FireBullets, instead.

Make bookmarks for these pages.  I learned a lot from the ZDoom Wiki, and you can, too.







https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_ZIPs_as_WAD_replacement <-- How to make pk3 files.


You can also look at the standard Doom weapons and other actors for examples:



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Posted (edited)

For making an ANSI screen, you need a lump called ENDOOM. I think XWE can edit it directly, but you not many tools exist to edit it besides that from what I can remember.


Alternatively, here's a super-exhaustive tutorial that says it uses a program called Pablodraw in order to make the screen.


Note that if the user elects not to display ENDOOM lumps, it will never get seen, so if you want to see it yourself, make sure you enable it in your source port.

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but does anybody know how to make a duke nukem 3d knuckle crack? like you start a map with a crack? 

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Posted (edited)
42 minutes ago, Tuckymonster said:

but does anybody know how to make a duke nukem 3d knuckle crack? like you start a map with a crack? 

Technically it'd be considered a weapon, and you'd need to replace something (or add a new "weapon" whose sole purpose is to crack the knuckles) for it. That'd be coded via DECORATE, and of course you'd need the graphics and sounds for it too.


The trickier part is that you'd need to somehow store what weapon a player had been using, play the animation at the start, and then re-swap to the "old" weapon, and I'm not sure if DECORATE can handle stuff like that.


The alternative would be cracking his knuckles when the player is selecting the fist, but then that will only play when you're using the fist, and it will play every time you select the fist.

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