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Fatal Deminity (Open Doom 3)

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Speaking of music from "Fate Deminity", I like  RiROBOT's idea that it should escalate atmosphere of loneliness and fear from first minutes of game. Personally, I never liked original "d3theme" in the sense that it stands out too much against general horror background with its overly pathetic sound. Melancholy mood of free equivalent theme that my friend wrote impresses me much more than work of Chris Vrenna. I even see some glimpses of Jerry Goldsmith's work for Alien 1979 in "Mystery of Deadly cold Space", and "All-Consuming Darkness"  was created like great Aubrey Hodges.

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So far it looks like it just replaces a bunch of sounds in d3 and setup as a mod without description.

But going by the OP, it's planned to be a d3 source conversion.. I don't see any of that happening yet.

It would be best to have some actual content (besides some sounds and a UI logo) before making a post about it, heh.


@Bratish, you guys should setup a development forum, work on the project, then have some real functional content, with at least screenshots of it, then come back here and post about it. 


Good luck.



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On 4/14/2019 at 4:34 PM, Bratish said:

We hope that soon many people who are involved in Doom 3 modding will join project to help us with 3D models, levels, etc.

3D models and levels are the hardest part of this project.

It's also much harder to find any artists or mappers for Doom 3 than it does for Doom 1&2 (and even then, it took many years for Freedoom to be even playable).

There are also not as many mods for Doom 3 as for Doom 1/2 (you can't even mod Doom 3 BFG edition), which means less community and less motivation.


I don't think it's worth it to even start the project if you don't have already a plan of how are you gonna get those 3D models and levels.

Anyone willing to put this kind of work for free would by now have already started the project themselves (or even made its own game, for example the guys from The Dark Mod are using the Doom 3 engine for their own game, although the gameplay is nothing like Doom).

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Not trying to be discouraging, but I don't see how's worth the effort. What IS the point in having a "freedoom3"?


I just don't know about the usages of this kind of things.

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17 hours ago, Ferk said:

you can't even mod Doom 3 BFG edition

Every time someone say this I get less and less motivated

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