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The infuriating underhalls glide

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Is there something that i'm missing on the underhalls glide? some kind of secret tip that i just can't seem to understand

let me say that every single glide in speedrunning I already know how to do it , Nirvana and Citadel for instance I use mouse movement and forward and after some practice I'm able to do it consistently, but that underhalls i was never able to do it once, there's gotta be something that i'm missing, does anyone has any clue what i could be ?


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Wrong mouse sensitivity prevents you from producing favourable Move Forward commands. Without any replay that's just a guess though.

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I use the minimum mouse forward sens, i'll provide some replay later though


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Hey, it's better to provide demos if you want help since they are easier to investigate to see what your actual inputs were. But, from the video, it seems apparent that you're in normal turning mode (known as longtics), which means your turning resolution is very precise. If you record a demo (with the -record parameter to the game), your turning resolution will be lowered, which will make getting the right angle for the glide easier. Also, if you pass -shorttics to the game, you will have the same effect but without recording the demo (PrBoom+ only) This will also mean you can't turn to as precise an angle, but this is usually a good thing for demos. It's also the standard for any speedrun, as longtics demos aren't generally considered to be legitimate records since they do not play back with the original engine.


Note, if you are using PrBoom+ (which is what the videos seems like it might be), please be sure to pass the right complevel as well with the -complevel parameter, as this will control the compatibility of the game when you run it, which will ensure that when you record demos, they will play back with the intended source port and game mechanics. For Doom 2, you'll need to use complevel 2. This won't necessarily affect the glide mechanics here in a noticeable way, but it will affect how tricks work in general. Maybe you're already running with the right complevel, but I just wanted to make sure to let you know just in case. :)

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Posted (edited)

If there is anything odd about this glide, it is perhaps that it works more like a north-to-south glide (second easiest) than a regular east-to-west one (easiest). That is, there's a need to slam into the wall once you're perpendicular to it before making the glide. At least, that's what I have found.


I'm a little surprised to hear that you've managed most of the other types of glide, given that most of them are harder types.


But anyway, here's a "how-to":

1) As 4shockblast says, one way or another be using -shorttics and -complevel 2 behaviour.

2) Get yourself so you are perpendicular to the wall and slightly to the right of the gap.

3) Run forward into the wall. Keep running forward (and only forward). You will then start moving slightly to left until you in the jaws of the gap, and you will then stop moving to the left. Keeping running forward the whole time.

4) Without taking your finger off the run key, gently move the mouse slowly forward. Then take your finger off the run key.

5) You should then glide through the gap.

This work with a high success rate. If you miss the glide (and end up to the right of the gap or your angle changes) then go back and repeat steps 2-5.


Of course, getting a quick glide is another matter, involving precise positioning and direction, and if there are monsters present then deciding how many of them to kill. But the first step is learning how top get the glide to work at all, of course. Sometimes these "pseudo-guided" glides work without even needing the slow mouse movement element, but that seems more a matter of luck, but it's something you might try for in a short demo where the glide is the main element.


PROTIP: while you're still getting the hang of it, practice with -nomonsters to avoid distractions.

Edited by Grazza

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I'm Really thankful for all the replies

I didn't know about the complevel parameter i'll sure try this later when i have time

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Posted (edited)

One other thing about getting -complevel 2 behaviour. If you're just playing normally or practicing stuff, then the simplest way to make sure of getting -complevel 2 behaviour (or any other complevel) is to set it via the "default compatibility level" in the in-game menus.



Set it to "DOOM/2 V1.9"


Then exit the program and restart.


It will then apply -complevel 2 behaviour every time you run Prboom+ until you change this setting and unless you override it from the command line or by playing back a demo.


If you only set the complevel from the command line, then I don't think it preserves that setting upon loading a save or if you start a new game, etc. The distinction doesn't matter so much if you are recording a demo, since if you fail you'll just restart the program in any case. But for casual play or practice, it makes a difference, and I'm not sure how well this point is generally known.


Remember that as long as you have this setting, it will always try to play maps as if you are using Doom2.exe. So Boom maps won't work right, and Ultimate Doom won't have episode 4 and there will be a few more subtle differences too. Any individual compatibility settings (all those ones in the menus that some people whine about) will also be ignored.


By the way, did you get the glide to work? It should prove quite easy with the right method and a little practice.

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Yes, after using the -shorttics and -complevel 2 i was finally able to do it

"-shorttics" was definitely the problem

Thanks to @Grazza tips after a few tries I can do it consistently now

Thanks a lot!

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