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really, really need to get a new webserver

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geocities.com/dragon_69283/index.html]This is my website. See how geocities likes to kill things I make. Definitely need a new webserver. I know this has been brought up before, but I cannot find it. If you see clumps of hair lying on the ground, you know whose it is. AARGH!

Edit: Let me rephrase this. Geocities is a bad choice. Find something that has a snap-to grid. Freehand is dumb. My 2 cents. Probably worth 1.

Edit v2: -and without bugs. Erghk.

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there will be a sp version out after the DM version is done (maybe 1 or 2 months)

I already tried tripod. No customizability. (is that a word?)

Also, I know asboloutly no html or php code.

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