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Issue with demo recording in Vanilla Doom

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I've wanted to record some UV-Max episode runs of Vanilla Ultimate Doom, so naturally I started with KNITD. However, I've tried to record multiple times with the same result. The recording goes fine until I reach a certain point in E1M4, and it invariably quits to the DOS prompt with the usual "demo1.lmp has been recorded."


My question is, why is it quitting like this? Have I reached the max demo size at this point? Or is it something to do with the map? It's curious that I can't complete an entire episode run because stx-Vile did, and he still holds the compet-N record for this episode to this day.


If this question has already been answered please direct me to where the answer is. 

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If you want to get vanilla Doom working this way, you need to use the -maxdemo parameter. I think 1024 is a suggested number that will cover most cases (KDITD included), but 4096 is the maximum?


However, I highly suggest not bothering with vanilla. These days Compet-N records are not taken that seriously, and the majority of the active community accepts records for Chocolate Doom and its derivatives (Crispy Doom being the most popular these days) and PrBoom+ as valid records for the game. In that respect, the record holder for ep 1 is not Vile but Rayzik. Also, I don't recommend using the m7 timing used by Compet-N as it's dated and should be largely irrelevant these days. m8 times are a more acceptable standard now that we have modern source ports and timing capabilities.

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I see. I've wanted to do these for nostalgic reasons, rather than competitive. Thank you. 

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Just to be clear, and if you definitely want to use the vanilla exe, then you need to add "-maxdemo 1024" to your command line to avoid most problems of this type. If you want to record multi-hour marathons, then maybe a higher number.


Note that there is also Doom+, which is a hacked version of the vanilla exe (well, one of each), which raises certain limits (no other changes, and not a port as such) and so reduces the chance of getting dumped out of a recording because you happened to look in an unfortunate direction, etc.

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