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advanced flight simulator in gzdoom

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Online ZDoom Vision / OZ Vision.



screenshoot GZD 4.4.5:






bot/AI mode. or theorical online/multiplayer.






About this project / Forum:

Even though the attempts were much older (LittleBigPlanet, GameMaker, Unity) since only in December 2016,
I am successfully experimenting with the GZDoom engine in order to create a perfect flight simulator.
Since 2020 many objectives are changing to include environments / missions in space.

my initial goal is not to create a complete Game / Mod with the first thing I find.
my goal has always been to investigate and "demonstrate" that it is really possible to create a
flight simulator with the most advanced tools in GZDoom. once I am satisfied,
I will begin to refine and mass produce my technology to finally build the complete game.



I'm releasing only the latest version of (OZ VISION G7)
but as before, this file (.PK3) is very experimental and the weapon system was partially removed.


Download: OZ Vision g7


I recommend using it with (GZDoom v4.4.2 - windows 64).

any base Doom IWAD is supported to start it.

not is compatible with Zandronum due to ZScript codes.
the console is eliminated, use the secret code (369) to enable.




If you download it, please comment how it works or if there is an error.
any suggestion or question is fine.


I included some music but they are cut to little more than a minute.
I don't know if it's wrong, or if I can include them in full or if I have to
remove them. but these songs would be part of the soundtrack of the complete game.





You can see more content in my (ZDoom) forum from here.

my old phone only allows me to be really active there:



i will update the post eventually.

Edited by DEYBAR_TECH : 2020 danger return (note: i hate TopGun 1)

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That is very interesting. I was already wondering, why we don't have "Descent" clones in the Doom engine yet.

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Wait, you can actually make a six-degrees-of-freedom game on the Doom engine? I thought that wasn't posible! I'll be waiting for the release just so I can take a look at the code :)

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What?! You're crazy! This is amazing! I don't think anyone asked to himself "what about Doom, but planes" or thought it was even possible. Cool!

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Edited by DEYBAR_TECH : six-degrees-of-freedom

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14 hours ago, DuckReconMajor said:

OMG first this


Now this?


PLEASE make flight sims the new thing in Doom!

Believe it or not, his project's older than mine. I first met Deybar on the ZDoom forums where he showed in project in response to Fury's Sky, and I learned that he had been working on it since 2016. My project started in about October of 2018. So he's roughly two years ahead of me, heh.

Anyways, if you're looking for a more Ace Combat-style game, as an answer to my project's Rogue Squadron, give this guy a go.

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I respect your work (Johnny B. Getgoode {The Guy}).
and I can see that your game is going to take off much earlier than mine.

I hope more people experience and build new games like you,

it would be great to see a (Gran Turismo) Total Conversion for this community.

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This means at least a 20% instantaneous advance in my project. Since the roar of Jet engines
is a unique and indispensable attraction of airplane games.
And with the smooth control of the tone of the sounds, not only the audiovisual presentation
of my game increases. But it also greatly simplifies all the codes needed for the engine
to be heard as I've always wanted.



From 3D_ACE until now. I already verified the existence of at least 92% of my ideas.
And just need to check and build a few more things, to finally begin the final
production process that should be ready the next year 2020.


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Finally, I can efficiently add textures and 3D models from (google earth) to gzdoom.
And now that I can adjust the color and density of the fog, if the option is activated (gl_fogmode: 2),
the result is more amazing and realistic.
Previously and from 3D_ACE v2, I found ways to add this feature. But it was very complicated
and time consuming to make this possible. And the result was not entirely satisfactory.

Edited by DEYBAR_TECH : more efficiency

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New (screenshots) of OZV4 and this time, the whole island (Kassos) located in Greece.

It was added to the game. I am exploring new ways of 3D construction

because this feature demands a lot from my weak computer.


oz vision: kasos island


ozv: g4



roll ozv

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Thanks to (Major Cooke) for giving me permission to use
the code (action Actor LockOn {}) of your project (Doom4D-master)

the (lock-on target) system is almost complete since this new version G5.
I am still building the multiple locking function and the illuminating radar
for missiles type (semi-active).


And now that I know better the (ZScript: pointers), the game no longer needs to give each
object its own (ThingID / TID) nor will it depend so much on the objects (Inventory) to control the plane.
The latter is an important advance since the first 3D_ACE could only control the plane in this way.

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The multiple Lock-on system is almost complete.
I still have to finish the semi-active guidance system,

and the counter-measures.

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