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Doom Music Making

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How do I make music that sounds the same as dooms? I use FL if that helps any.

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Posted (edited)

You'd need to code MIDI files using MIDI instruments. Specifically the Doom MIDIs were intended to be played back via a SC-55, so you'd need a matching soundfont (though the ones in existence are imperfect) or to buy an actual unit (more expensive and would need some setup, but guaranteed perfect).

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You just output the midi data through the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. FL should have that option.

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put in other people's riffs, loop em and transpose them +5 semitones, then back to root, then +7 then quicker back to +5

then paste the riffs over the top of the riffs and transpose the new riffs up +4 semitones and do NOT correct the relative chord they're describing

then add some very boring bass notes and lazy drums

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