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Is Rocket Jumping right for you?

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I am an avid rocket jumper looking for others like me.


I rocket jump almost everyday / stream my accomplishments via twitch. If you're interested in starting to rjump (I can help) or just looking for more people to rjump with... look no further! There are a slough of rjumpers on Zdaemon waiting for you!

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Ill have to check it out- I never could complete those big rjump wads.  I am more into q3 defrag but theres nothing like doom rockets

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Always been a fan of ZDaemon rocket jumping. Used to play RJ wads a lot back in 2011-12 and made some awesome friends as well who loved RJ as much as I did. Excited to see it being played and enjoyed still.


On which servers do you play? Will definitely check them out.

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