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Connection bug or Over-aggressive server admin?

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Hi. New to the forums and only 80 hours into Doom 2016 MP. I'm starting to notice a trend that seems pretty toxic in my MP experience. I find that I'm constantly recieving "You have been removed from the session" when I get off to great starts in games.


During my first 40 hours or so, when I was getting stomped, I was being removed maybe twice every 3 days, and when I had one red bar for a connection, I was still allowed to exist in the server for a while.


Now that I'm starting to learn the game and can beat up on newer players, I'm getting kicked out of games maybe 3 times an hour. Today, I got off to a very lucky 15+ kills streak to start the game, without dying. It was my best game so far. All of a sudden, I get removed. If you look at my measly 2.07 KDR, it is pretty clear I am not a cheater. If I did, I would have a much higher KDR.


This is happening even when I get deathless streaks of like 7,8, or 10 kills to start a game. This is incredibly painful, as I often am on the recieving end of a beating and to get a good game like that is rare. 


I don't think this is a connection problem, since I regularly switch between the TDM and Team play servers and the one that doesn't kick me out lets me play indefinitely.


I live in the USA and there are plenty of N.American players to match up with. I rejoined the server that booted me and I got removed again almost immediately.


There was no one else in my house, so bandwidth wasn't a problem.


Is this baseless anti-cheat toxicity or more of a bug?



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On 5/29/2019 at 1:29 AM, StalkerZHS said:

wait, people still play Doom2016 multiplayer?


In all fairness, the multiplayer improved a fuckton with the latest update.

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