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Heretic level - D'Spirali Hideout

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Looks pretty cool! Gotta see what this D'Spirali guy is all about and how he compares to D'Sparil.

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I'm always up for some Heretic Maps! Screens look good! Will definitely play it when have time.


Funny: I'm so used to the "D'Sparil" name that only after @UNERXAi's reply, I notice correctly "D'Spirali" on the thread title :D

I can't way to fight this new guy!

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It's times like this I wonder to myself why I bother playing anything else and should just play Heretic instead. :P

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It's just D'Sparil, sadly. I only used DECORATE to make firemace always spawn. I just wanted to get a bit more creative with map name (and a reason why you are fighting D'Sparil again). Sorry about making you think that there is more to it, I did not expect that it would create such expectations.

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Just now, Foxysen said:

I just wanted to get a bit more creative with map name

Oh, I though it was a typo.

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I Just Finished your Map, and it was HUDGE! That's how I like it :P

It was so non-linear with multiple paths to explore. The architecture and detail is awsome and very good fight situations. I loved the presentation for the yellow key and the massive fight at the green key!

I never ran low on ammo, also I'm a cool guy, I played with the Protips in mind ;)


Some Highlights: (Spoilers ahead)




That's certainly one of the best Cathedrals I ever saw in Heretic!



Nice and funny way to express that! I think I share the same opinion.



That was Hilarious! When I got all the way back just to find this!? Well, it was worthy :D




Overall, even without a new Boss, it was awsome and worth my time. Good Work!

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Thanks for the feedback! 2 hours, that's more than I have expected. Great to see that you have found almost all the secrets too. And I was worried about supplies as it wasn't until last version of a map that I got ammo in good amount. I think that I overdid it in the final parts anyway.

And yes, you are a cool guy, officially.

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