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Main Menu Maelstrom AKA how does one define a new main menu? [.PK3]


Okay so I've been trying to figure out how to create a new main menu for .PK3 since basic texture replacements for all the graphic lumps seems to fail no matter what. (As in the game just flat out wont load them and just defaults to the DooM original). I've tried to look up my answer on the ZDooM wiki but the MENUDEF page is like trying to decipher a long lost relic. It's quite confusing to say the least.


So basically, how does one make a new/edit the existing Main Menu and, optionally, add a new "button" for th main menu (Should I ever wish to change the layout).

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Posted (edited)

For a perfect example open Russian Overkill in Slade3

highlight MENUDEF

while at the same time have RO's menu open in GZDOOM




then follow what they have done with submenus.

It's also worthwhile to check out the other text lumps.


If you have questions about an item, there is always the WIKI.


Or if it is for DOOM vanilla

then follow what they have done for No End in Sight



But no submenus.

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