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Is it possible to add new sounds?


Let's say I have a few samples I created that are in wav format. (And I can convert it to whatever format is necessary) I want to add a new sound for a switch flipping, and a new sound for a door opening.


Target engines are gzdoom and chocolate doom.


Is this possible? How would I go about doing this? I've googled for awhile and I can't seem to find anything.



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For Chocolate Doom, or any vanilla compatible Doom engine, you would have to replace the sounds with new sounds (doom format) but retain the name of the original sounds.


For GZDoom you could do the same as GZDoom is vanilla compatible.

However, being an advanced game engine, for GZDoom you could import the new sounds (preferably ogg format) and then specify in SNDINFO which sounds are associated with which action and then specify the action sequence in SNDSEQ.

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Yea you can replace these sounds by just putting them in your wad and renaming them as followed:
DSDOROPN - Door open
DSDORCLS - Door close
DSSWTCHN - Switch on
DSSWTCHX - Switch off
You probably should convert these sounds into Doom sounds for choco, slade has a function for that.

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