The hellish minions left to wander in the aftermath of Korax's defeat during the battle of Cronos have now scattered across Parthoris looking for fresh meat, and a new realm to call their own. Beings of chaos roam freely, causing disarray in the realm. The citizens of Parthoris have barely had time to rebuild their lives in the wake of D'Sparil's reign of chaos, which was put to an end by a yet-unidentified outsider.   You are Corvus. You have laid low for a while in the dockside town of Port Mercy, and become aware of the situation almost immediately. Portals open in every corner of the town, legions of the damned pouring forth and slaughtering the populace. Stepping out into the pouring rain, you come to a scene of fresh blood dashed against the cobbles, deep red tendrils of it snaking into the gutters, and raging monsters bellowing vicious cries of revenge as the townsfolk meet a gruesome end.   They smell your blood and close in on you. Standing at the foot of the belltower, you brandish your elvenwand and confront the desperate beasts as they converge upon you. The gleam of its topaz gem sends chills of fear down their backs.   It's you - the faithless one.   Name: Faithless Map Format: UDMF Ports Tested: GZDoom 4.0.0 IWAD: Heretic Map(s): E1M1-M9 Gameplay: Single play/co-op Music: Frank Klepacki, David Arkenstone (Lands of Lore 1 & 2), and Tolwyn (E1M6's track) Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: No Build Time: A solid week of initial layouts, followed by 3-4 days of frantic thingplacing/testing (for RC1) Textures: hexen.wad, shadowtex.wad, bak_leg.wad Requirements: No jumping or crouching (enforced). Freelook allowed.   Download "Faithless" (15MB): /idgames Mirror Dropbox Mirror GZDoom required. 4.0.0+ recommended. Only tested in this port/build. Walkthrough text file (updated as of final release) - refer to this if you get stuck!   Credits for resources: Gutawer - weather effects Tormentor667 & co. - Baker's Legacy texture pack
Jaws in Space - Shadowcaster texture pack Not Jabba - red key sprites/code
NeuralStunner - red key gizmo orb
Xaser - status bar edit (four keys) Neoworm - trees, elixir sprites
osjclatchford - trees
NoozeArts - Granite Icon base sprite Frank Klepacki, David Arkenstone - all music except E1M6 (Lands of Lore 1 & 2)
David "Tolwyn" Shaw - E1M6 music Base graphic for TITLE retrieved from Manfred Klein - Titlepic font, "UnZialish.ttf" Various authors on Realm667 for their custom monsters/items.   Screenshots! Click here for full size.   Maplist: E1M1: The Belltower
E1M2: Dockside
E1M3: Dread Gardens
E1M4: Kingdom of Roots
E1M5: Savaged Lands
E1M6: Unlit Serenity
E1M7: Halls of Atrocity
E1M8: Ironclad
E1M9: Breathless Wastes