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Say which of the two songs above you like. Then, post two songs you like.

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@Taw Tu'lkiYou forgot to choose which song you like better from the post above you. In this case that would be Master O's post.

Out of your's i like Beck - Loser.


Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (1981)




Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart (1983)

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I like both, but In the Air Tonight brings back such memories, so it is my choice.

The Isley Brothers - Shout


Tears for Fears - Shout


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DesecratorJ almost broke the thread with Metal that's too hard to make a decision on! ;) I almost had to just go flip a coin.


Death - Evil Dead




Edited by Doom_Dude

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On 5/18/2019 at 2:08 AM, Maximum Matt said:

Goddamn, that's one bigass saxophone


The contrabass saxophone, to be specific.  I'm more amazed that guy can actually generate enough air to make any notes out of it.

Edited by Master O

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