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Psp legacry r4

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Hello i wanted to play doom on psp so i downloaded psp legacry r4 but i have problem when i run it, it says no usable wads present even though i put the wads in wad folder i dont know what to do i have searched everywhere.

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Make sure the IWADs are named 'doomu.wad' (for Ultimate Doom) and 'doom2.wad' and place them in the folder with the eBoot, like this. Place any PWADs in the pwads folder. When running it, once you pick an IWAD it should let you choose up to 4 PWADs to run. This works fine on my PSP E1000, just tested it.


If that still doesn't work, make sure your IWADs aren't damaged. Compare the MD5 checksums using MD5summer and the official checksums from the wiki for Ultimate Doom and Doom 2. If it's not the same, your IWAD is borked. Redownload the game(s) from Steam or wherever you got it and try again.

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