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Vinesauce Doom Mapping Submission: Innyume Doom

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Posted (edited)

Hello, Now that the Vinesauce Doom Mapping Contest is over I decided to do some additional WAD cleanup and release my submission to the Hellectric Boogaloo contest hosted by Joel.



This wad is based and is basically a recreation of a japanese Unity (horror?) game called Innyume or "Smile ghost", link here if you wish to check out the original, This game was streamed by Vinny (where I originally found it) and is basically a simple knockoff "Slender the Eight Pages" where the smile ghost chases the player around a complex and the player must collect 5 runes to open the exit and save the world (I guess? its all in japanese).

The version I made is mostly faithful at least to the rune collection and the map layout, currently the ghosts chase you via noclip as I had no idea how to make accurate pathing work for the sake of the 3D geometry, but notable feature differences from the original game include:

-Added areas and increased keys to 7 for longer gameplay.

-3 different game modes including the special (and harder) Joel Nolem mode

-The red Emoji plays a bigger role...

-more improvements, maps, and ideas may be added in the future


WAD Details:

-Designed for GZDoom 3.2.5 (I believe), however may work with older versions as well as the respectful Zdoom version as the only features implemented is slight scripting, slopes, and 3D floors

-Single Player only, may add multiplayer but could screw with the game dynamics

-1 Level (currently)

-resources used are from Realm667 creators (Flashlight and keys), Nevander and Lud for some scripting assistance, and youtuber TemmiePlays who helped me find and had clips of some of the music tracks featured in Innyume.


This WAD isn't very serious, scary, or all that impressive script wise or detail wise, its just designed as a fun WAD based on a unity game, and I hope people enjoy playing it! Any feedback on the WAD, what you would like added, what was fun, or how much it sucks is greatly appreciated, Hope you enjoy it as much as Joel did (VOD may be linked later once it is uploaded to Youtube, here's a clip for now).


Link to the WAD is Here





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