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Shitty bands with likeable fanbases

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Babymetal. Their music makes my head physically hurt. Metal and J-pop are two of my favourite musical genres, but never at any point do I wish to hear them simultaneously. If this band were strictly a J-pop band, they'd be fine. If they were solely a metal band, they'd sound like a generic Dragonforce clone. Some people (such as myself) hear a really strong Dragonforce element in their songs, but many others will swear that there isn't any. Anyways, they all seem like very nice people and there's a lot of individuals I really respect who are diehard fans. 


Manowar. I love cheesiness, 80s high fantasy, metal and beer, but I could never take a single thing about this ridiculous band seriously, even though I'll admit that Joey DeMaio is very talented. If I'm really wasted then I might sing along to some of their songs half ironically. A friend of mine once forced me into watching one of their DVDs with him. Most of it focussed on them picking up women backstage and at bars. Their fans represent a demographic where I'm likely to find memorable discourse pertaining to what our favourite Mercyful Fate and Celtic Frost albums are. 


Phish/The Grateful Dead. I realize that these are two different bands, but they share an overlapping fanbase with each other, and they're both incredibly whack. I used to hang around with this one hippie back in high school who would always get really high and then just jam out some Phish and Grateful Dead. Just totally chillin' it in another dimension, ya know? Be like yo yo, got some White Rhino, Skeelo (his preferred name) is gonna flow, zaowp zaowp scrit scrit scrit ssscccrrrrat *puff* oh man, I'm stoned like a pig right now. Oh wow, Phish is like the universe itself. Ohhhh shit, I gotta put on some Grateful Dead after this, man. Skeelo once attempted to hotbox a bike. It was crazy. 

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