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My first wad.

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It makes me so happy to see people making new MyHouse.wads even in our glorious year of 2019. Thank you!!

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3 hours ago, averycoolguy said:

Aliens took over my house and you have to retake it back.

Dude, if I'm gonna have to liberate your house for you, there better be frozen yogurt in the fridge, or a neat paycheck for that matter ;-)

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Very cool idea. Megawad of levels with house, neighborhood and whole town to save from demons would be interesting too.

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I played this, but didn't quite beat it.

One thing I noticed was a lot of DOORTRAK textures weren't lower unpegged, so they moved upward with the door when it opened.

Also there were a lot of barons to fight in this map, and while I had the 'zerk most of the time, fighting them was often grindy because the tight hallways made me use the shotgun and chaingun.

At around 9:24, I use a bump trick to grab the secret BFG (which I wasn't planning to do) to fight three barons in a hallway I refused to fight without it or the rocket launcher, which I could not work out how to get.

The cyberdemon at the end, well, I don't really know what to think about him.

The combat is pretty much dictated by door and corner camping, which I don't find very fun (hence me often forcing my way into a room to fight directly), and it relies too much on the shotgun and chaingun for how many barons there are (and at one point, cacodemons).

I would suggest bringing rooms together, merging them and knocking down walls and taking out doors to improve how the map flows and to alleviate a lot of the door camping.


It's a solid wad, and I would like to see more from you.

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I liked it, liked the concept of your hell house too. A lot of barons, and I didn't expect the cyberdemon at the end (though I should of with the rocket ammo). Tight hallways made it hard to defeat the barons, and that mass of enemies in your hell house entrance/living room had me hiding til the in-fighting was done. I liked it, in fact makes me want to make my own "my house" wad.

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I felt it more realistic for the trak textures to move along with the doors.

I didn't have to beserk the barons when I tested this on ultra violence, though I should have made the rocket launcher secret more easy to find as the barons were built around the rocket launcher in mind. At the end of the blue bottles next to the rocket launcher platform is a wall switch that raises stairs so the rocket launcher can be accessed. The cacodemons were built around the plasma gun, its easier to go into their area. Not sure why you used the chaingun against the barons instead of the shotgun though. The BFG secret is accessible by a fake wall near the barons in the thumbnail though its pretty subtle.

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