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Chaingun World view Sprite change

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Posted (edited)

I have a chaingun graphic that I would like to use as a replacement for the in-game one.

I'm referring to the world sprite, not the view sprite.

How would I do that? I'm using slade for the editing.

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You could either look in doom.wad or doom2.wad to find the sprite and learn its name, or look up the chaingun in the ZDoom Wiki.  It is in the Spawn state.  it says MGUN A -1.  MGUN s the sprite name, A is the frame, and -1 is the duration (-1 means forever).  So, the sprite name is  MGUNA0, 0 for the angle (0 means no rotation, while 1 - 8 would be the 8 angles of rotation).

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Did anyone ever make rotations for those weapon pickup sprites?

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