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Exit level text


okay, so with my wad, How would I move the end text, to be tex before the first map can be played? like (ex. **insert pre text here, blah blah blah) then Map01 can be played


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The only way I know to do this is with a dummy map that is in its own cluster, and is scripted to instantly end upon load. Your episode should begin with this map.


So, create a UDMF map and then script it to end as soon as it begins. Simply write an OPEN script to immediately call Exit_Normal. I use MAP00 as the name.


Then in MAPINFO, set up your episode to begin at MAP00 instead of MAP01. Define MAP00 and set it as cluster 1 and MAP01 begins at cluster 2. Remember to give the dummy map the NoIntermission property. Lastly, define cluster 1 and assign it the exittext you want.

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Posted (edited)

My suggestion is to make a Titlemap.

This would give you far more control over what you want to do.



The file size of the example map is rather large because of the music lump.



Edited by Kappes Buur

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