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Transparent walls/doors




Been trying to figure it out on my own but with unsuccessful attempts. I'm building some "monster containers" inspired by MAP01 of Eternal Doom. The first image is an example of what I've constructed. This is the furthest I've reached with my experimentation, but you can clearly see the issue here. The upper block is a solid black behind the transparent glass. This is with Eternal Doom's 3SMGLASS as both upper and middle texture, and the middle of course works. If I use a solid texture as the upper, I get a good result, but with the middle transparent I need to use block X linedefs to keep players/monsters in and out, as well as projectiles. To my knowledge you can't remove those tags when the "open" (aka raise ceiling) button is pressed. The lowered ceiling inside has a texture that shows through the middle texture when raised.



My solution to the block everything that I can't remove is to simply lower the ceiling to the floor. Bam, simple and easy door. The problem then is that the entire container has is just a black chunk with glass outside, so you can obviously not see the monster through it. I've also tried changing alpha (opacity?) shown on picture two, but that seems to do nothing. Tag 208 (Translucent Line) doesn't seem to work, and I don't want the inner line to be translucent either since it shows the upper structure. Haven't been able to find any way to make entire sectors translucent that works for me either.doombuilder2.png.3bfd5337039113cb15b8d1acb965356e.png


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Doom Builder X if that makes any difference. Here's also an example of Eternal Doom's translucent "holding cells": https://youtu.be/DSRU2RJc8ww?t=421


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