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Egg Boy

Sequenced Lights


How would one go about making sequenced lighting similar to that found in Sunlust? It's a really cool effect, but I cannot figure out how to do it.

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That effect uses voodoo doll players (extra player starts which spawn dummy characters) on a scrolling floor (special 253) with teleports to send them back to the start again. The voodoo dolls are pushed through linedef special 81 (WR Light to 255) which sets the linked sectors to the highest light value and fades out over half a second. Then its just a matter of having each segment have its own sector tag and creating the appropriate line 81 for the voodoo doll to cross.


TL:DR: Extra dummy characters outside the map being pushed through a series of triggers over and over in a loop.

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I had actually made a demo wad back in 2015 to demonstrate some of the common lighting effects used in boom maps: 




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