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Monster Teleports (What's the best method?)


Shouldn't hugely complex. What are some of the best ways to teleport monsters into a level while ensuring they all eventually make it in thereby not rendering the map either easier, or messing up the end-of-level tally (which is why I'm hestitant to just use the scripting language option)?


I know both of using scrolling floors (with a barrier to let the monsters through) or merged sound sectors to trigger them to move, but I'm really struggling to get them all to teleport in as the monsters are killed. Looking at various maps in an editor, each mapper seems to have a different tactic but most look like they'd miss most of the spawns (since there's no way to have a teleporter link to multiple alternate destinations to my knowledge) if the monster tries to teleport while the spot is taken. You can loop them back around either with a circular conveyer or by a secondary teleport line that teleports them back to the start of the 'queue', but they're both time consuming to set up and add more delay to the spawning.


I've also noticed many maps seem to have their teleport lines in a V shape, is there any particular reason for this?


TL;DR: How do I get every monster in my teleport 'queue' to make it onto the map without long delays, as simply as possible?

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If you are using UDMF, you could make the front wall of the teleport closet teleport the monsters if when they bump it.  That is a simple and easy way to be sure to get all the monsters to teleport.


Otherwise, the V shape is the way to go.  Maybe also add some additional teleport lines facing the other way, to get them as they wonder the opposite way after failing to teleport when blocked.  There is a reason for the V, but I forget what it is.

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Thanks for the answer. Yeah looks like Monster Bump does do what I want. If I ever switch to using the more compatible Boom format for whatever reason I guess I'll have to do some more research. Maybe the V lets monsters trigger the teleport even if one is stuck in line already?

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