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D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, rtwix said:

Good to see new sprites for the chaingunner. I hope the current one is replaced with your version in the future because the current one looks too much like the player sprite


I hope so too... but it doesn't look that zombish, can you give me more ideas to make it even more zombish, I was thinking of replacing an arm whit a robot arm or make one of his arm like a chaingun-arm or something like these examples here...



Edited by D4RKP1G

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On 27 de mayo de 2019 at 6:18 AM, cambreaKer said:

These look good, maybe you can replace one of his arms with a chaingun.


just found out it's nearly impossible for me to do it, had to stick to the old one >:/

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sadly, I can't work on them until I get my tablet repaired, won't take too long I guess??

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