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Making MIDI Compositions for virtually anyone

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Hello, everyone! As the title very clearly states, I will be willing to make MIDI music compositions for virtually anyone. I went to Georgia State University for music so I have very extensive knowledge of music theory, composition and music as a whole. My compositions can range from classical, to techno, to rock, to ambient and everything in between. I have 35 tracks (none of which are midi as midi is new to me) on my soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/atf_music . As long as you are reasonable with your requests, time frames and other parameters regarding your potential requests, I will be willing to make/write/compose music for anyone that reads this. I will also more than likely be streaming my music making process on twitch under the same name as my name here on this forum. To contact me for potential requests, my discord name is ATF_MaG#9529 . I very much look forward to speaking to some of you regarding MIDI compositions!


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