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Anybody have old Minecraft versions on here?

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I'm looking for anybody that has minecraft.jar files for any version of Minecraft in the Classic, Indev, Infdev, or Alpha eras of Minecraft development. Not every version of Minecraft that ever existed is actually in the official Minecraft launcher. Many still exist only on the harddrives of people who played the game at that time. Some places on your harddrive to check for old versions are:







Some old versions will only be able to be found in one of those 3 folders, so try them all to find as many rare old versions as possible. Just copy each of those above lines and paste it into your Windows Explorer path bar, and press enter.

If it takes you to a folder then zip up the contents of that folder and upload the zip file, to Mega or Mediafire, and then PM me the download link. I'm archiving as many old versions of Minecraft as I can find.

If it gives you an error about the folder not existing, then it doesn't exist.

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