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sick little monkeys

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well i ran into an friends mom today. she usally has many good stories about her job as an EMS. it has been 2 years sence hearing any of them. however this time she gave us an update on one of the most humorous and disturbing things she has seen or other doctors have seen. also i have added a few that i have seen on the news and some medical reports. this is not for the faint of heart or for those who might die laugthing.

Things found up a person's butt.
well lets start with the most common.
Prisoners try to sneak shit in or out and here is the prison list.
every type of drug in about every type of container, weapons, dildos/vibratiors, pictures, maps, letters, a casset tape and even a zip gun.
now for the airport list
mostly drugs, few bullets and clips, several zip guns, small amounts of explosives too(note these guys are transporting these items, they arent trying to steal a plane)

now for the emergancy room list:
dildos and vibrators, drugs of every kind, a broom stick handel about 10 inches, a few people with beer bottels, a sprit can, a pepsi bottle, a trout(fish), a 40 Oz beer bottle!, about 5 gerbils(over the years), 2 hampsters(same person), chicken bone, bundel of 12 pens, the hilt of a knife, vacume tube(large size), several batteries(different people), hotdogs/saussage, newspaper and tissues(same person), capacitor(large), barbie doll, 7 barbie doll heads(same person), baseball, small baseball bat(cut in half), deflated childs football, a rat, a small wrench, pepper shaker, and a spray paint can.
yes all these things have been found.

dead bodies( mainly from around the country)

a ex-gang member was once found dead, a shotgun was stuck up his ass and the trigger pulled.

many people transporting drugs in their rectal cavities died when the container leaked.

a man was stabbed with a 3-4 foot long sword in the anus, exited the chest.

a man was killed, balls and cock hacked off, those stuffed up his ass.

several knifes

hobo found dead, with a metal pipe rammed about a foot and a half into him.

guy had a large glass bottel forced into his rectum, then he was hit with a bat, this broke the glass bottel and killed him.

woman with a log rammed into both areas.

guy found with ass blown off, someone had inserted and explosive in his ass( maybe his farts made that worse)

anyway those are many of the stories she tells us

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You missed one. This thread was found there too. It was extracted and put in it's proper place...the trash can.

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Uh, sticking things up their ass? Nope. People do swallow stuff to smuggle though, to shit out and deliver later. They ingest small packages with cocaine. If these rupture while in their guts they usually die almost instantly.

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Sephiroth said:



Heh. Damm some people are sick. Well I guess they enjoy it, but meh.

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I used to work as a receptionist on an Accident & Emergency department - on one particularly nice morning, a 'scally', as we collectively call them (tracksuit-wearing gay-person-hater), booked into the department with a 'Foreign Object' complaint. Yep, that's right, this guy had a dildo jammed so far into his arse - and without the benefit of lubrication - that he couldn't get it out again.

Anyway, when the triage nurse questioned him, he told her that 'someone had snuck into his bedroom in the middle of the night' and inserted the offending item.

Suffice to say, after some hours he became increasingly impatient with the nurse's gentle attempts to remove the pleasure-stick, and finally decided to wrench the thing out of his rectum. Said patient was last seen jogging awkwardly across the hospital car park, trailing blood, before passing out 30 feet away.

Oh, the fun.

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yea most of the time drugs are swallowed. however for short trips, or for those who dont want to swallow, they do stick them up there ass. also i know in the 80's mexican drug loards would stuff dead bodies with the drugs and send em cross the border. saying they were either americans who had died in an 'accident' or a person who 'requested' barial on american soil. it was not that common but they use any means possible

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Lizardcommando said:

I feel kinda sorry for the gerbils and hamsters that was shoved up some guy's ass. I wonder if they survived...

They would probably be better off dying before they were stuck in there, I think they'd rather die than have the horrible memories of being crammed into a guys bowels.

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I'm gonna be sick.

HURK!! Not again! SPLAT!! HEY GET BACK IN THERE!!! Hee Hee! You'll never catch me!! ERK! PLOP!!

Shit. have you seen my spleen?

This whole thread is sick. Sorry, but that's my onion. Uh, opinion. Whatever.

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Sophomoric, Mentally Painful, A Source of Negative Work Towards the Furthering of the Human Species, and Packed Full of Ass Information.

Welcome to Doomworld.


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