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skulltag based on zdoom 1.23

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I too hope that Carn will switch over to 1.23 (or better, 2.0). IIRC he said some time ago that he might not do it because it will be a lot of work :( I hope he changed his mind :)

[DMC]Duke4Ever! said:
its this idea a dream?, or its true??, the next version ill have the walls efects??

walls effects?

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deathz0r said:

bah, decals make my comp lag like shit.

Because your computer sucks. Can't you turn off decals?

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Setting cl_maxdecals to 0 would probably do it. (default is 1024)

type cl_maxdecals 0 at the console, or edit Zdoom.ini and change the line:




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i knew that enjay, but zdoom should have an option in the display options menu to take off decals, for those people who don't have a clue on what you're talking about.

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