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My second level is done! Edit: Has dl link now

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Posted (edited)

Edit: forgot download link oops https://www.dropbox.com/s/evxsmbk2j76jr8k/stillbadatnames.wad?dl=0 (This version is old!)
Download 2.1*: https://www.dropbox.com/s/adz3hpqohnk1uik/stillbadatnames2.zip?dl=0 (New ending, Non-D_RUNNIN music!) *Final door no longer blocks your path.

My second released wad. As with the last one, it's a single map made for doom2 in doom format and tested in gzdoom.

Not much to say here, other than I tried to focus a bit more on playability with this one than my last. Whether or not I did a good job, well, I'm too tired to tell honestly.

Please leave a reply letting me know what you think. I'm also interested to hear comparisons to my last map, like what's better/worse(definitely not a requirement though!!) 

There's a screenshot from GZDB in spoiler. Enjoy :)

                                                                                            i gotta sleep now its 5am lol will read comments tomorrow








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Posted (edited)

1) Needs more non-rectangular shapes

2) Needs more windows

3) Make assymetrical rooms and paths

4) Сan be made more spacious locations

5) Maybe add natural location, like cave with appropriate forms

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Posted (edited)

I didn't think it was bad for a second level. Plus I think I may have accidentally helped named your wad set. SBAN! I didn't want to type out the name of the file for my wads folder. (I give every wad their own folder). I think there could have been some more interesting fights. Also, was the surreal silouette secret intentional? I didn't play 100% I just wanted to get a feel for the map. Also, I liked some of the touches, but there could have been some more detail. I can't wait to see future work. Below is my playthrough. 

Some thoughts:
-The baron room could be one solid pillar and an archvile. 
-The mancubus large room could have some more enemies. Maybe 2 revy's or maybe a second mancubus. A single mank with a large room like that isn't much of a challenge. 

EDIT: Sorry about the low volume, it was an issue with obs. 

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4 minutes ago, Odorousbag87 said:

-The baron room could be one solid pillar and an archvile.

I did actually have this plan at one point, but then after a while I decided I didn't like how it played, so i made it a baron and added the cage instead.


6 minutes ago, Odorousbag87 said:

Also, was the surreal silouette secret intentional?

Yes! I had that room's brightness set to 0 and disabled Keen's audio files because I thought it looked cool and creepy.

Thanks for the kind words

Also: There's a very early secret you missed, look near the start of the level if you're curious

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