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Hans Klein

Weird Wolfenstein-alike movie - Need help

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Greetings and "Guten Tag" dear Doom Community. I hope you won't consider my topic as heresy but I was unable to find an active Wolfenstein community and since both Doom and Wolfenstein are from ID, this forum seems to be the best place to look.


I'm a big fan of the Wolfenstein series, especially RCTW, Wolfendoom and the Old Blood. I even liked Wolfenstein 2009 which I still consider a better game than Wolfenstein 2 TNC. That game sucked! I'm also a fan of movies that have a similiar vibe to Wolfenstein like Iron Sky, the one with Nazis on the dark side of the moon. Unfortunately (or for the better - who knows?) there wasn't yet a Wolfenstein movie adaption, at least that's what I thought. I found this teaser to a movie called Gotterdammerung that looks suspiciously close to RCTW. The main antagonist seems to be Herr Himmler and the protagonist is an allied agent with a very cocky attitude "The only thing I hate more than Nazis are singing Nazis". Of course, the Nazis speak with a very cringeworthy german accent, probably purposely. I thought this might be a Wolfenstein spin-off but there are no Wolfenstein trademarks. So I think it’s a some kind of spiritual successor or rip-off, although a well made one. Do you have any information on this movie? I could not find anything relevant on the internet. I does look to proficient to be a fake and it doesn’t seem to be a fan movie either. It also looks too advanced to be a kickstarter pitch but there is also no information when it’s going to be released. I’m confused. Does anyone have more information?


Long teaser:



Short teaser:


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Posted (edited)

this sounds like another Direct to video movies, but since wolfenstien is underappreciated i think a movie adaption (or blatant rip off) would make for a good B movie


as long as their is shooting Nazi's i don't think you could tell the difference!

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