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Multiple textures on 1 wall


Im using gzdoom builder and what i want do is a wall with half textures at the top and bottom thanks for your help (sorry for the bad English i just didnt know how to word it)

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If you want two different textures on a wall, one on top and one on bottom, make it a two-sided line by having a hidden sector behind it. This hidden sector will have equal floor and ceiling heights if you want the lower and upper textures to touch. Then the added polish consists in marking the two-textured wall as "secret" so that it'll look like a regular one-sided wall on the automap, while the other lines making the hidden sector are marked as "hidden" so that they don't appear at all. For the hidden sector, use the sky texture (F_SKY1) on the floor so that it will also be hidden on GZDoom's textured automap.

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Another method would be to construct 2, 3, ..., sectors like stacked boxes with varying floor and/or ceiling heights




These wall sections are somewhat exaggerated, to appears as a flat wall the offsets should be a lot narrower, maybe 1 mu.

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