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Armor sprite swap doesn't work


I'm basing my WAD on Freedoom. Its green armor has 2 sprites: one with light on, one with off. In game it's blinking. I've swapped the files as with any other texture, but here it doesn't change anything. Why is that?


I've assumed since it's a pickup maybe it should be between SS_START and end, so I placed it there, but then it only made the armor in game disappear. I've renamed the pngs properly. What am I doing wrong?

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Szuran said:

I've renamed the pngs properly.


Did you name the replacement sprites

ARM1A0, ARM1B0 or


whichever armor sprites you want to replace?


Did you give them the correct offsets?

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I thinkt he problem is in the offsets, I haven't thought of it. Thanks!

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