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Doom Drone - a Doom remix game

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Doom Drone

Hey everyone I've just finished working on a project called Doom Drone about the cleanup services sent in to handle the remains left behind after the events of the Doom conclude. It is a short game built in the Hangar level that I constructed in Unity on top of the amazing Doomloader project I found here (https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/98682-doomloader-for-unity/) a couple of months ago (lurking about as I have done historically). I am a Unity game developer professionally and found Doomloader to be an amazing way for me to get my hands dirty with a small project using Doom. I took the project as a way to revisit a virtual space I had spent some much time in during my life and to play around with how I moved through that space and learned about the facility that the events of Doom occurred within. I wanted to share it here as I thought there might be some interested parties and because the project started from something that came from here too.


I've created a download page on itch.io as the files were too big to attach here with both Windows and MacOS builds


As a separate side note if I have posted this topic in the wrong forum I apologize and have no issue seeing it moved. I was not sure of the most appropriate place to let you all know you :)




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Posted (edited)

I've just released a 1.2 version that includes the following changes:

  • fixing some progression bugs and issues
  • adding the ability to purify pesky pools of blood and properly clean out that facility

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Posted (edited)

I like the idea, I like the choice of music and sounds, and the text boxes were fun to read. I found it a little odd that I was cleaning up things like health bonuses and floor lamps, but since I got lore for doing it I didn't mind. My only complaint is that the controls are annoying.

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So this is vaguely like Viscera Cleanup Detail but with more information given and more interesting.

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