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Merging Map Wads, Mods and other Wads

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Hey all,


Having some problems trying to merge everything together. I've created a map Wad (8 maps within so far) using GZDoom Builder. In the resources I'm using a Doom2 IWAD and 2 other wads for textures and things. When testing these maps, it uses the Brutal Doom.exe from Sargent Mark IV.


My questions are:

1. Whats the best way to merge all of this into a single WAD or .exe so everything it together in 1 file. I've tried merging all these using Slade 3 but it doesn't really work properly, unless I'm doing it wrong. Basically I want my maps from my WAD, with the textures from another WAD using the Brutal Doom engine.


2. Am I even allowed to do the above? Using Brutal Doom for my maps in a single WAD and release it for others?


Thanks for any help!


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My advice would be to compile all your maps and textures into a single separate WAD, allowing you to release separately for others and then just open gzdoom (or whichever port you use) by dragging your mapset and butal doom over it (at least that's how I prefer).


Additionally, you can make a .bat file to run all the WADS you want (runs your port with every wad you add). personally i'm not terribly knowledgeable about this but I found this thread that may be useful (and has a program that can autorun select WADs and PK3s assumingly) 


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I've compiled my map wad and textures wad together, but when you say "...by dragging your mapset and brutal doom over GzDoom..." I litterally drag the wad and brutal doom pk3 files over GZdoom and it doesn't work. Any thoughts?


I will read into your posted thread though, thanks.



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