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Archvile Claw Weapon [Interesting Update]

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Posted (edited)

Hi again, this is an update to the Archvile weapon.


Now when you are firing, the crosshair will LOCK onto a target for the duration of the attack for higher efficiency rate.


The damage points attribution to player is now given so that it can then be used in FFA, along with the other weapons.


Also, the resurrected enemies are now friendly (ZDaemon only for now).


The attack will only happen when the target is in view of the attacker after the fire animation, like the real Archvile attack. So taking cover is an option.


Firing takes 5 cells, and a flame takes 5 more, and the attack itself another 5.




Download (Latest):


Download (Old version):


Edited by yorivdood

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Interesting. 20 cells for 84 damage is a steep price. For comparison, the plasma rifle turns that number of cells into 450 damage, and the BFG's conversion rate is even more generous. So it would make sense to increase damage, lower ammo expenditure, or create a new ammo type for this attack. Additionally, free resurrection can be milked for infinite ammo. 

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Posted (edited)

Good things to consider revising. I appreciate it. I can make 5 cells taken from a resurrection and another 5 if an attack is executed.

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Hello, please check out the viability of this gun. Many updates and fixes were made. Thanks!

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