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Janitors Mapset (E1 WIP)

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Title: Janitors Mapset (Soon to change)

Focus: Do my take of Doom's first episode to challenge my level creation skills and to release a ZDoom based map set utilizing UDMF features while also keeping a tame D1 aesthetic.

Why?: There aren't enough UDMF utilizing, Gameplay rich, Vanilla style doom levels that let you Jump and cross 3D floors and such... So I wanted to do it so I can play it with my favorite mods that also utilize Jump features (Looking at you.. DRLA and D4T).

Additional Info: This is a solo project and nothing more. I feel like turning this into a community based map set with my lack of experience will end badly. So this is just me! on my own time! Hopefully I don't John Romero this project.. I don't expect to at least.

Previous Projects: Zanzone was a big previous project I hosted previously.. It never came fully to fruition. Though we have finished playable levels that suited multiplayer very well (Around 4, Zandy 3.0 based and fun as fuck!), and I'm more than interested in seeing if anyone with a bigger following than me would like to take over the project and finish my vision (Or Their vision perhaps)





E1M1 - Loading Bay (Almost Complete, requires more thing placements and some level of detailing before finished)








E1M9 - Traps N Tricks (Reusing a scrapped level of mine that is playable and kinda funny actually, Ill change some textures around and swap some enemies.)



(-To Come-)




These are not the most appetizing screenshots, I understand that. However I kinda take pride for the fact that I've managed to make my first level very Non-Linear, and with enemies it will only get better.

Edited by SilverHawaiin : Screenies

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