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What are your preferred visual settings?

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In mood for modern:

GZDoom default settings with texture filtering off


In mood for retro:

Chocolate Doom or Crispy Doom default settings

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I've switched to software renderer. Can't believe I used to play with Open GL, texture filtering, and high res sprites until few months back.

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On jeudi 18 juin 2020 at 4:19 PM, idbeholdME said:

1) What is fake contrast in ZDoom and what should I set it to to make it look like in the original Doom? On, Off or Smooth? I can see the shades change slightly when I change it but I have no idea what it actually does. Also not sure how it behaved in the original Doom. I assume off, but can anyone confirm?

On jeudi 30 juillet 2020 at 3:19 AM, RottingZombie said:

I am curious about this also.

A half year late, but whatever, it hasn't been answered in all this time.


Fake contrast off:



Fake contrast on:



I leave which one is accurate to the original and intended experience as an exercise to the reader. If you want a hint, there are Doom wikis out there.

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On 12/7/2020 at 8:27 PM, Gez said:

A half year late, but whatever, it hasn't been answered in all this time.

I actually got the answer like 3 weeks ago on ZDoom forums but thanks nonetheless. No idea why I didn't try looking it up before on the wiki.

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since i only use 2 Sourceports, this will be kinda easy

For GZDoom: 1366x768, with Hardware Rendering on, Texture Filtering on, but with the High Quality Resize Mode set to xBRZ 


For Eternity: 1366x768, and.. i think just only that? 

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Original and vanilla-maps always 320x200 (as a matter of fact, i'll always play them in original Doom now, in DOS, used to play in Choco), with just a bit of gamma-correxion.  On a CRT.


Non-vanilla maps i play in some SVGA mode since it's the intended way, doesn't really matter which and can't remember where its set, but always 4:3.  But never with texture filtering on, and i think i also always use software rendering.

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I like old games. But sometimes the graphics break my eyes and make me feel awkward. So i use these to get a nice look and classic feeling at once (in the doom 1993 port):

Ambient occlusion quality:Low

(the rest in post processing is off)

Fog mode: off

Adjust sprite clipping:Smarter

Smooth sprite edges: on

Particle style: smooth

Texture filet mode: Trilinear

Antostropic filter: 16x

High quality resize mode: xBRZ

High quality resize multiplier: 6x

Resize textures, sprites, fonts, model skins: on

Dynamic lights (Software and Hardware): On

Light affect particles, sprites: On

Light Shadowmap: off

Screen size: 11

Gamma correction: 1.35

Brightness: 0.00

Contrast: 1.1

Saturation: 1.20

Use fuzz effect: Shadow

Rocket trails: Sprites & particles

Blood type: Particles

Bullet puff type: sprites

Number of particles: 100

Number of decals: 0

View bobbing: 0 for everything related to that

And my cursor: Crosshair: on, Default crosshair: Cross 1, force defaullt crosshair: off

Grow crosshair when picking up items: off, Crosshair color: red=111 green=239 blue=103

Scale crosshair: 0.79

Display nametags: Weapons

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Posted (edited)

GZDoom, 1080p, 144fps, OpenGL, dynamic lighting


To elaborate, the settings that I use make it look like the TrueColor renderer, which I quite like. I also use sprite rocket trails which makes the rockets feel more "alive".





Edit: I also disable texture filtering as per-usual. And when it comes to other ports (Eternity, PrBoom+, Russian Doom) I just stick to the regular software renderer.

Edit Edit: Actually include the images

Edited by Wavy

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I either use GZDooM or ZDooM (And chocolate if I'm in a more nostalgic mood). I use the softpoly render (Cause my PC is shit and softpoly runs fine, the only other option that works fine on my computer is OpenGL and OpenGL is gross). I usually play 16:9 ratio as well.

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Lzdoom with a vanilla look, and some fancy lighting.



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software rendering at 640x480, that way it's a tad pixelated but not to the point that it hurts my eyes like with 320x240. also, the framerate is capped at 35fps



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Using Crispy Doom. My resolution is at 800X600, cause I'm on a laptop and most games' resolutions tend to be too tall to fit and I'm not a fan of full screening without being able to see the taskbar and switch tabs that way. 960x720 is just barely too tall.


Got the high resolution rendering on, though the lighting is still the same "can barely see anything in the dark" lighting (don't know which is which). I started on SNES Doom, I've done my time of low resolution.

I have the frame rate capped at 35, though sometimes if I am streaming to friends I uncap the frame rate which always looks weird to me, gives me a little bit of a headache on top of my usual headache.

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Crispy Doom in high res with uncapped and widescreen with Vsync on.  Makes things look good but doesn't diminish the original look imo, it just looks a bit more polished and easier on the eyes.  That said I like how Crispy can easily toggle framerates and such to the players desires and give you the classic Doom look if you want it.

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