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3d-ace 200.jpg


Finally I can make it available to everyone.
my biggest project

I started to create it from December 2016 and for 2017,
I finally could finish generation.

I have to clarify, that in all that time, I was just experimenting with the capabilities of (GZDoom)
so you will find many errors in my project.

If you have any questions, you can read the (README info.txt)
where I will comment on some additional details of the game.



I built a new file with a detailed description.





You can see my other forum where I show some details of the following generations of my project.


I also have a forum in (ZDOOM Discussion about ZDoom)





and I apologize for the inconvenience when I used pure (capital letters) to communicate.

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Extremely impressive but one issue... Kinda a few too many files and it's hard to tell which one I was meant to run. A README would help with the clutter.


Either way, nice pushing GZDooM to it's limits!



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thanks and the file now if you have a description.


Edited by DEYBAR_TECH : Capitalization correction and other things.

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